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What are tubeorous breast?

Diagnostico mamas tuberosas Córdoba

Tuberous breast (also called: breast snoopy tubular nose), are a  malformation of the breast consisting of three characteristic morphological signs, that may be present in whole or in part depending on the severity:


1) Poor or no development of the lower quadrants of the breast.

2) High and constricted inframamary fold. This submammary fold, behaves like a band of tissue that constricts the breast tissue The mammary gland, "accumulates" above that zone determining a tube shape, depending on the degree of aggressiveness of the deformity.

3) Herniation of breast parenchyma through the areola, determining serious dilatation of it.


Tuberous breast deformity degrees

Although sometimes is dificult to classify tuberous breast, clasically has been described three tuberous breast degrees:

Grade I.- Poor breast development in the lower and inner quadrant of the breast.

Grade II.- Poor breast development in the lower cuadrant of the breast (internal and external).

Grade III.- Poor breast development in the upper and lower quadrants of the breast.

Grados mamas tuberosas Córdoba


I have tuberous breasts, what plastic surgeon must I go?

Tuberous breast is an "special" status of the breast The poor performance in the tuberous breast surgery will arise from improper diagnosis (ignoring the deformity) or treatment misguided and executed. It is essential to go to an expert plastic surgeon and breast specialists in such deformities.

During the first consultation, Dr. Emilio Cabrera listen carefully the reason for your inquiry.  In case you have a tuberous breast, will explain the surgical solution of choice for case (approach, surgical correction of the mammary gland, type of anatomical implants, etc).

Causas mamas tuberosas Córdoba



The correct treatment of tuberous breast requires extensive knowledge and experience in breast surgery.

It is essential to know the "problems or changes " that occur in tuberous breast (constrictive band of the inferior pole and the absence of supporting tissue at the level of the areola ) to prepare a surgical plan that can be corrected.

Without any doubt this must be the first objective in the treatment of this kind of breast. It is clear that although the patient with tuberous breasts wants to increase the volume of it, also want to get a proper shape of their breasts.


How we GET to change the way OF a tuberous breast?

Tengo mama tuberosa Córdoba


A) Performing surgical changes in the breast necessary to erase all signs associated with this deformity at the level of the nipple-areola complex.

B) Redesigning the placement of the "new inframammary fold," eliminating the constriction band that prevents proper expansion of the bottom of the breast.

C) Acting on the glandular tissue of the breast (glandular flaps) in order to allow the relaxation of the lower pole of the breast.





In tuberous breast is mandatory the use of anatomical implants, high profile and low-rise, in order “to take off and fill in" the lower quadrants of the breast.


If you are looking for a good plastic surgeon in Spain for the correction of tuberous breast and breast enlargement, please consult co Dr. Emilio Cabrera.