Cabrera Plástica & Estética

  • Botox

    “Botulinum toxin or popularly called "Botox" is one of the most demanded procedures in cosmetic medicine, being the fastest and most effective method for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles.”. 

  • Facial Fillers - Hyaluronic Acid

    “For this volume replacement Hyaluronic Acid has brought a revolution in aesthetic medicine since it is a resorbable, biocompatible and proven safe”.

  • Vascular Sclerosis - Sclerotherapy

    “Sclerotherapy Is the cosmetic removal telangiectasias and reticular veins through the use of a sclerosing substance within the vessel lumen”.

  • Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRFC)

    “Plasma Rich in Growth Factors Are components of our plasma to stimulate cell proliferation, intervening actively in regenerating tissues, including the skin”.