Planning 3D

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"Planning 3D, revolutionizing breast augmentation".

Planning 3D - Cabrera Plástica & Estética Córdoba

Cabrera Plástica&Estética use breast imaging 3D crisalix and it is included in your breast augmentation consultation. Crisalix is a sophisticated system that takes a scanner of you thorax and breast. Different types, shapes and sizes of implants can be virtually placed in this image, allowing you to see post-surgical results from multiple angles, all in 3D images.

3D Córdoba Aumento de Mamas Crisalix

If you are considering a breast augmentation in the south of Spain you must considerer we were the first crisalix center in Córdoba (Spain) and have a huge experience in breast augmention. Dr. emilio Cabrera invites you to take advantage of our 3D Crisalix in your first consultation.