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"Breast reconstruction is a kind of surgery for women who have had a breast cancer surgery, to restore a breast in a normal shape and size after mastectomy".

Breast Reconstruction - Cabrera Plástica & Estética Córdoba


How do I know if I am a good candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

An interview withs Dr. Emilio Cabrera, wich have a great experience in this surgery, is the way to determine if Breast Reconstruction is a good option for you. As a general rule, a good candidate for Breast Reconstruction should be free of additional medical conditions or illnesses that could interfere with post-surgery healing.


What are the options availables for a Breast Reconstructions?

The options for reconstruction can be divided into three general categories:

- Implant only

- Using your own body tissue only (DIEP flap).

- Implant combined with using your own body tissue (Latissimus Dorsi Flap). 


When Can I Get Breast Reconstruction: Inmediate or Delayed?

Ranging from the time of the mastectomy (immediate delayed reconstruction) there are several opportunities for Breast Reconstruction. Dr. Emilio Cabrera can help you to establish the right timeline for breast reconstruction. You are an active participant in determining when the time for your Breast Reconstruction, so it's important to know the different reconstructive options before the mastectomy, so you can participate in making a plan that's right for you.





What question should I ask to my surgeon if I am thinking to have a Breast Reconstruction?

Questions that you must ask to your surgeon include certification (Member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery), years in practice and specialization in breast aesthetic surgery. You must be informed about all the risks and complications with this surgery.

In what hospital the surgery should be place?

All breasts reconstructions are performed in Hospital “San Juan de Dios” de Cordoba (Spain). This hospital is located in a wonderful area in Cordoba. This hospital, which is fully equipped with the most advanced and qualified staff, is leader in the private health sector in Cordoba.


What type of anesthesia will be used for a Breast Reconstruction?

For Breast Reconstruction we use general anesthesia in all the cases.


Should I stop taking any medication before my Breast Reconstruction?

If you take any medication you should continue to take it, even on the day of your surgery. However, if you take aspirin or any of its derivatives you should stop taking it 14 days before the surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding.



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