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Breast Asymmetry - Cabrera Plástica & Estética Córdoba


Woman with different sized breasts (breast asimetry), is a very common condition. They usually attempt to hide their condition with special bras, accessories or well-placed clothing. 


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Breast asymmetry is very common; in fact, all women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts . However, if the asymmetry is mild it goes unnoticed and does not require treatment.



Surgical correction of asymmetric breast breast depend on the type and degree of breast asymmetry:

- Lipotransference fat: small volumes may be made by grafting the breast patient's own fat (lipotransference).

- Breast augmentation: breast implants can solve a wide range of asymmetrical breasts. Using different volume in each breast to achieve a better balance between them.

- Lift chest, either because the breast was always dropped or because it has been emptied and hook due to pregnancy and / or lactation, mastopexy (breast lift) can correct differences in the height of the breast to achieve a symmetrical and attractive chest.


Breast Reduction: often hypertrophic breasts have different volume, making it difficult for the patient when dressing.

Correction of tuberous breast: breasts for high volume, the surgery will be performed by removing more tissue from the breast and being more conservative in the lower breast.


If you are thinking to correct breast asymmetry in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us.  There are numerous types and grades of breast asymmetry . We recommend that you request an appointment with Dr. Emilio Cabrera who will advise you with honesty about whether or not you need treatment.